Forbes Great Ball & Charity Art Auction

Unit24 Gallery and Maestro Foundation organized a charity art auction which took place during Forbes Great Ball 2013 at Hilton Hotel in Warsaw, Poland on January, 19th 2013.

Participating artists: Anton S. Kandinsky, Antonio Alonzo Martinez, Olaf Wendt, Takayuki Hara, Marek Borysiewicz, Zara Arsenyan, Olga Kiwerski, Ewa Batko, Antonio Spinosa, James Olley,

To read more about the auction and view photos from the Forbes Great Ball 2013 (Wielki Bal Forbesa 2013):

Please view the photo coverage below:
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Unit24 Gallery is delighted to announce FANCY GIFTS, a thematic group exhibition organised by 24Design. The show is dedicated to the upcoming Christmas season, which we want to celebrate together, and offer you an opportunity to buy exclusive and amazing gifts to your dearly beloved. 

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Unit24 is proud to present the 3rd session of 24Design Project – ‘Fancy Toys’. From the 15th of November till the 11th  of December, we will display a series of creative, funny, and fantastic artworks designed and created by the renowned artists of 24Design group.

Featuring works by Anton S. Kandinsky, Kevin Wayne, Takayuki Hara.
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24 Design – a brand new project by Unit 24 Gallery focuses on bringing together a group of 24 artists and designers from around the world to create design objects. 24 Design is an international platform for collaborative creation for artists working across mediums. 24 Design limited editions are available in our showcase based at Unit 24 Gallery in London.

To join our MAILING LIST send an email with ‘the newsletter’ in the subject line to: [email protected] !




I am interested in the ways people inhabit space and the inherent tensions and energies generated within the complexities of our dynamically changing and evolving urban space. My work incorporates an accumulative process that reflects the complexity of social space, while illustrating familiar urban and suburban spaces and showcasing architecture that relates to forms common in contemporary North American society.
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I want to explore the simplicity of senses, moving and intertwining, trying to make use of the minimum in the concept of elaboration.

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24DESIGN project launch

24DESIGN by Unit24 gallery brings together a group of exceptional international artists & designers to create a series of limited edition works exclusively for the gallery.
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Christina Mitrentse Projects Current and Forthcoming Exhibitions: 28 June – 28 July |Cross Section /01 | Dalla Rosa Gallery 121 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R |4 July – 22 July | Retrospex | Elevator Gallery | White Post Lane, Hackney Wick, E9 | 5 July- 12 August  | Botany & Botulism The London Legacy Zen Garden| The Residence Gallery | 229 Victoria Park Road, London E9| 7 June- 20 August | Microcosm | Departure Foundation Leeds /London


Anton S. Kandinsky in New York! BB. Contemporary presents BINARY EXISTENCE, a contemporary art exhibition curated by Natasha Ulyanov and Lindsay Sullivan, on view at 506 East74th Street, July 12th until July 18th,2012.  For BINARYEXISTENCE, Ulyanov and Sullivan have selected a diverse group of emerging artists for athematic exhibition based on ideas of identity, specifically pondering the duality of reality versus perception. The Upper East Side exhibition features Jess Larson, Anton S. Kandinsky, Dulce Pinzon, Lee, GanU, Shantell Martin, Yasmine Chatila, and Jin-Seob Yun, all accomplished artists exploring how societal expectations of gender, status, and appearance, as well as historical and current cultural projections, shape public perception and self-identification.


Clayton Campbell’s projectThe Words We Have Learned Since 9/11 just finished in Bucharest and is now going on to 3 Shadows Photography Center in Beijing! There are over 800 portraits in the exhibition at this point, it has certainly grown since its initial show in Paris and has been in 7 countries so far. Here is the link to a 15 minutes video about the project:


On 20th and 21st July, artist and curator Christina Mitrentse will be presenting a selection of the “wounded book series” and the Metabook book sculpture at KALEID 2012, artists’ book exhibition and art fair in London. KALEID 2012 is supported by Art Academy London, the British National Art Library and English Arts Council’s Sainson Poetry Library.


Artist Eric Parnes is preparing for his first solo show in the Middle East “I Dream of Jeannie: I See Demons”, to be taking place at Katara Cultural Village in Doha, Qatar, from 23rd October to 24th November

Marek Borysiewicz

Marek believes that black and white photography is the replacement of traditional drawing and developed his deep interest in this medium during his studies. The main theme of Marek’s work is urban space and architecture. He is fascinated by modern architecture and tries to derive a new and different perspective from it. Marek’s work attempts to discover the power within every piece of glass, concrete and steel, exploring the crude contours and shapes that are created for humans by humans. By photographing this architecture Marek attempts to examine how free and natura humans feel when living within such environments. Marek believes that modern architecture is more mysterious than friendly; though these buildings are actually surrounded by people everyday they can still appear as primitive, raw, and inaccessible.
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Arlette Ess creates prints and accessories crafted from the finest materials. Her designs often reference elements of our collective cultural identity, reflecting on ideas of who we are and where we come from. Her intricate figurative drawings are multi-layered with references and possibile associations, and can be perceived as emotional landscapes, a glimpse into a complex inner world. Arlette imagines the accessory as a very personal object to which we can relate to with our own experiences and dreams, a cherished adornment which tells stories of our own imagination. Etery one of her objects is designed to be a timeless little luxury, an object of desire to stay with you for a long time.
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