Posted on November 10, 2012 by unit24

Unit24 is proud to present the 3rd session of 24Design Project – ‘Fancy Toys’. From the 15th of November till the 11th  of December, we will display a series of creative, funny, and fantastic artworks designed and created by the renowned artists of 24Design group.

Featuring works by Anton S. Kandinsky, Kevin Wayne, Takayuki Hara.

Anton S. Kandinsky – a distinguished Ukrainian artist based in New York, USA – thinks that ‘Art has to have two attributes: be provocative and possess strong visual symbol’. His works by no mean reflect these characteristics so intensively that his paintings are now considered the essence of modernism. For 24Design, Anton Kandinsky has created a series of drawing on the powerful imagery at the core of his artistic work.

We are also honoured to demonstrate some of the exquisite works by Kevin Wayne, who has created for 24Design a series of toys which transformed through the artist’s hands into bizarre, fantastic creature and combination. The amazing ‘Lipstick-Statues’ and ‘Christmas Prints’ are also observing the ideas of cruelty and alienation, which is his current focus on his work.

Ever been a writer, Takayuki Hara’s creations are full of rich narrative elements, of which is one of the miraculous features circulating in his works. Having been born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Hara believes the existence of spirits whilst it is one core ideology deep rooted within Japanese culture. His works aim to reveal some mysteries of transformation, and meanwhile re-discover a new way of being. For 24Design, he created a series of soft sculptures as well as a limited edition of porcelain mugs, dolls, “glass dome” sculptures, and drawings which reflecting the complexity of his influences and sources of inspiration.

If you are in search of Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest, we are more than happy to help you and advise you on the unique gifts ideas. Other artist featuring the current show are: Zara Arsenyan, Arlette Ess, Olga Kiwerski, Christina Mitrentse, Eric Parnes, Antonio Spinosa, and Ewa Batko.


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