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Arlette Ess creates prints and accessories crafted from the finest materials. Her designs often reference elements of our collective cultural identity, reflecting on ideas of who we are and where we come from. Her intricate figurative drawings are multi-layered with references and possibile associations, and can be perceived as emotional landscapes, a glimpse into a complex inner world. Arlette imagines the accessory as a very personal object to which we can relate to with our own experiences and dreams, a cherished adornment which tells stories of our own imagination. Etery one of her objects is designed to be a timeless little luxury, an object of desire to stay with you for a long time.

Arlette has a background in fashion and a degree in graphics from Camberwell College of Arts. She has exhibited a range of art and design projects, in group shows and galleries in Paris, Berlin, Vienna and London. After a stint of print design at Alexander McQueen, she decided to start her own accessories label, ARLETTE ESS, whilst continuing working on various freelance commissions, collaborations and personal projects. She presently resides in London and most of her produc
tion is located within the UK.

Press coverage – wallpaper by Arlette Ess in Harper’s Bazaar and Art Wednesday:

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