Bibliophiles | Limited editions by C.Mitrentse

Posted on August 20, 2012 by unit24

Christina Mitrentse is a multidisciplinary London based artist ,educator and freelance curator. She  investigates qualities of cultural construction through manifold processes of vintage book-sculpture, drawing, screen-print, and site-specific installation. For the last 10 years she has been creating poetic ensembles of idiosyncratic institutions such as schools, libraries, churches and museums. Mitrentse is widely known for the projects Building My Library and Add To My Library  having invented an ongoing systematic methodology –‘Bibliographic Data Flow’ that compiles favorite book titles/authors selected by invited international contributors from the art world each adding to an infinitive library. Mitrentse has exclusively created  for 24design a series of unique & limited edition, collectable light sculptures entitled ‘Bibliophiles”.They are created from Mitrentse’s book collection and from favorite books contributed by international art specialists and constructed by using hand folded and altered book pages, appropriated and screen printed images of books and wooden /antique basis. They function in a domestic space and can be custom made to suit your home or office interior.To order please contact 24Design Here

The Giant Story Book-Disney handfolded book pages, metal basis screen print on paper,electric wire, 40x40cm ©mitrentse12

Bibliophiles Male & Female,handmade light sculptures, antique wallnut basis, 60x40cm diam,©mitrentse12

Bibliophiles, working process ©mitrentse12

Bibliophile Single, hand crafted books, antique wooden basis, light wire 60x40cm diam. ©mitrentse 12

Bibliophiles Couple, hand crafted books, antique wooden basis, light wire 20x40x30cm diam. ©mitrentse 12

Iconic Bibliophiles, hand crafted antique books, screen printed portraits on paper, 40x30x40cm, ©mitrentse2012

Iconic Bibliophiles, hand crafted books, screen print portraits on paper, wooden basis, electric wire, bulb, 40x50x40cm ©mitrentse2012

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