Interview with artist Clayton Campbell and Curator Irina Cios

An interview with artist Clayton Campbell and Curator Irina Cios at the International Center of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania, where the artist’s photographic project ‘Words We Have Learned Since 9/11’ was on view from June 13 to July 7, 2012

Mark Leckey’s Talk at Unit 24

Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey gave a talk at Unit 24.

See article at Jotta and also this piece at
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Ian Emes – One of These Days

1 March – 28 March 2012
private view: 1 March 2011 7pm-9pm

private view for VIP (printed invitations only): 8 March 2011 7pm-9pm
drinks sponsored by Peroni and Movida

ONE OF THESE DAYS is a retrospective of Ian Emes work over 40 years, beginning with his association with Pink Floyd through to current installation films. “I hope that my journey will provide some encouragement to aspiring artists and filmmakers in the face of today’s economic climate”- says Ian.

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Cats and Dogs – ‘Snow’

‘Snow’ (2011, 5.26 mins) by Roeloff Bakker is part of the group exhibition ‘Cats and Dogs’ at Unit 24
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Klippen Man

J + M @ UNIT24, 2011

Cats and Dogs – video

Private View: Wednesday 6th July 2011

Anka Mierzejewska

Anka Mierzejewska is a Polish artist, who lives and works in Poland. She speaks about her exhibition in Unit24 Gallery.

found sound:found sculpture

part of James Hutchinsons exhibition CIRCUIT at UNIT 24 Gallery London….James Hutchinson facit … with invaluable assistance from H&M on the sound

“Circuit” Exhibtion by James Hutchinson

April 21 to May 26 2011

private view April 20 2011 6pm-9:30pm
mon-wed 8am-5pm
thu-fri 8am-6:30pm
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