Posted on June 14, 2012 by unit24

Kevin Wayne has created for 24Design a series of toys transformed through the artist’s hands into bizarre, fantastic creatures and combinations.

Born inGillingham,United Kingdom, Kevin Wayne’s recent work explores ideas of cruelty and alienation.Waynecustomizes and transforms existing objects which he often finds in second hand charity shops. He seeks out old toys and ornaments, things which would have once provided their owners with a sense of comfort, and attempts to modify them into images that may be disturbing for some, and perhaps amuse others. Usually bizarre and grotesque, the creatures we are presented with are either victims or abusers.Waynehas attempted to imbue his creations with a degree of realism, so as to crank up our sense of pathos. Perhaps this artwork offers a reprieve (even if unsettling) from humdrum everyday life by challenging common notions of aesthetics and propriety.


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