Marek Borysiewicz

Posted on September 1, 2012 by unit24

Marek believes that black and white photography is the replacement of traditional drawing and developed his deep interest in this medium during his studies. The main theme of Marek’s work is urban space and architecture. He is fascinated by modern architecture and tries to derive a new and different perspective from it. Marek’s work attempts to discover the power within every piece of glass, concrete and steel, exploring the crude contours and shapes that are created for humans by humans. By photographing this architecture Marek attempts to examine how free and natura humans feel when living within such environments. Marek believes that modern architecture is more mysterious than friendly; though these buildings are actually surrounded by people everyday they can still appear as primitive, raw, and inaccessible.

BRICKPHOTO is the about the connection of classic photography and the 3D object. Double sided, inverted photographs are presented in standing, double sided frames (bricks) to create a unique “not for the wall” visual concept. BRICKPHOTO objects are perfect decorative solutions for modern interiors, whether in an office, home or public space. This limited edition collection was designer and created exclusively for 24Design, London. In addition to the reversible images, the characteristic inverted element gives an aspect of confusion and a sense of play where you are challenged to understand if you are seeing a positive or negative version of these very graphic compositions. Available in different sizes with which to play, mix and match, this collection is also perfect as a single object or “wall” of bricks. These carefully selected architectural B&W images from European capitals can be connected in any possible way to build your own, unique positive or negative wall. Invert your mind!

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