VA S K O L G by Olga Kiwerski

Posted on March 12, 2012 by unit24

For 24design, VASKOLG by Olga Kiwerski presents a collection of multi-purpose, sculpture-like elegant jewels.

V A S K O L G jewellery are known as high-end jewels, thanks to their three specificities:


Extravagant proportions, these body sets have been noticed on fashion shows and exhibitions¦ Beaubourgor 104 arts centers, tel de Crillon, embassies …


Unique, one-of-a-kind and unclassified, these jewels are modular. This brand works on the object in the space and reveals material to volume. The creations can deal with different aspects, be worn on the waist and on the neck, right side or upside down. The piece of jewelry becomes mood, desire, temptation.


A mystery in a Couture style, Olga gives a function to her jewels. A piece of jewelry can enlighten or spread music, turn into address or be used as a lipstick case

Born inParis, designer Olga Kiwerski is the daughter of an art historian and renowned graphic designer fromPolandand painter who later entered jewelry design for numerous fashion Houses inParis. It is in this world of creation and unique essence of the chicgardenofBagatelleand high-end catwalks, and within a glamorous and unconventional universe that Olga grows. She is intrigued by designers and artists alike – McQueen, Dior and Gaultier – as well as dancers, choreographers and performers of all kinds. They inspire her work forever. Always curious, she travels around the world while studying communication and cultural mediation at La Sorbonne.

It is within these years of formulating, training and developing spiritual awareness that Olga began to realize the potential of her concept: Jewellery Sculptures. And it was within this realization that VA S K O L G was born.


Olga’s designs represent a symbiosis between the body and the accessory. Whether worn on the back or the bust, VA S K O L G jewelry is architectural and rhythmic. Stunning and unique pieces that blur the boundaries between jewelry and art. It creates and perpetuates the codes of new luxury fashion.

All creations are handmade inPariswith pure and distinguished materials, such as silk, soft viscose ribbon, lacquered shell, iron, crimson Orchids textile, cotton, natural Eucalyptus and natural Cotton flowers, leather, feathers, mohair or Peru Alpaca thread, coral pearls and glass.


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