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For 24Design, Zara Arsenyan has created a limited edition of unique pieces of jewellery inspired by Her fascination for the Art Nouveau aesthetic.

Zara Arsenyan was born in Armenia and is based in Barcelona. Her two passions are visual arts and the theatre. Zara designs fabrics and theatre costumes. Fascinated by Art Nouveau the artist started designing unique and beautiful jewellery made of elements of antique furniture and jewellery.

The beginning of the fascination

‘My story with jewellery began in Barcelona, Art Nouveau city, the city I know. Once while visiting a small flea market I noticed in a pile of old jewellery some elements from the beginning of the last century. I took it in my hands and realised that we have lost our predecessors idea of aesthetics, and along with it, the possibility to create unique objects. The only thing that counts now is time spent on creating something, but what we lose in the same time is an individual approach.’


Zara’s unique technique

‘My fascination with Art Nouveau began a long time ago and as soon as I had chance to make my dreams come true, I started searching for anything associated with this style. Everything I use in my creation is authentic. I try to ensure all elements are antique, even neck-chains, although it’s not always successful and some are exceptionally bought in contemporary shops. The most common question concerning my jewellery is what kind of metals are they made of? To be honest I have no idea. I don’t want to focus on the materials – the idea is to give the second life to something that is beautiful but already discarded, despite being precious. Probably some elements are silver and gold elements or even gems, but I wish not to put a stress on this aspect. To me the essence of their existence is the most valuable aspect’.

Appreciating Art Nouveau

‘I try to live like a river… to flow and take what life brings. After leaving Armenia in 1993 I wasn’t able to predict what was going to happen, so I decided simply to live! In the same way by chance it happened that I came to Barcelona. Fascinated by Art Nouveau I adore everything that is somehow related to this time, its spirit, line, aesthetics, look. When

I first saw elements of antique jewellery, I discovered I can create my own Art Nouveau!’

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