Alex Bunn: Limbo Stack

Posted on May 1, 2014 by unit24

Private View:  Friday, 20 June 2014, 7-9:30pm
20th June – 11th July 2014

curated by Christina Mitrentse

Unit24 Gallery is pleased to present  an exhibition of new work by Alex Bunn: An exhibition of very large-scale macro-photographs of purpose-built assemblages, sculptures and tableaux. 

Alex Bunn is fascinated with the infinite variety of systems that we employ in every moment of thought, learning and communication. This fascination branches into formal systems such as taxonomy, scientific method and language but also into the arcane and less accountable systems such as personal interpretation or even instinct.

The transformation that an object or idea undergoes through systematic process is equally creative and destructive: information may become more accessible and instructive, but information is also lost.

Therefore, is there a way to reconcile disparate schemas without discarding information and what is it that is lost?

Alex Bunn’s work attempts to depict a moment in a system that is compelling as substantive yet draws on novel combinations of mindset in order to feel resolved. The most conspicuous manifestations of which are intersections of states, scales and other properties that rarely reconcile with everyday experience or sculptural manipulations that place objects in persistent moments of flux.  In pursuit of these propositions, his work also utilizes our relationships with materials and figuration and with concepts of duration and time.

For the exhibition at Unit24, Bunn presents a series of incredibly large-scale photographs that traverse the macroscopic and microscopic realms within a single frame.  They capture specially created sculptures of a transient or (usually) invisible nature that rely on photographic suspension of time in order to persist. They are designed to supplant action as a coherent flow of momentary events with action as played out by suggestion, perceptive oscillations and the interactions of materials. The project will create supersensory images that explore fresh realms of combined sculpture and photography, images that aim to reconcile disparate perspectives on the world around us.

This project is an extension of Bunn’s ongoing artistic endeavour to combine the complimentary assets of sculpture and photography. His work draws on sculptural approaches to material and form as well as the documentary integrity, shifts in scale and static time-frames endowed by photography.


Alex Bunn’s work has been exhibited at the Frieze Art Fair, The Royal Institution, in solo shows at Aubin Gallery, Another Roadside Attraction Gallery and now Unit24 in London as well as various galleries in London, New York, Tokyo and Stockholm. His work has also appeared in Aesthetica, I-D, FAD and Who’s Jack, among others. 

Contact /curator : T: 07969184101 E: [email protected]

Contact /artist :    T: 07887 870 319 E: [email protected]

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