Anka Mierzejewska

Posted on March 4, 2010 by unit24

BRAINWASHING – XY Anka Mierzejewska at Unit 24 gallery: 4 March – 16 April 2010

XY Anka Mierzejewska’s painting’s, have long been a reflection on the external influences upon art. The artist looks at laws governing the art market, analyses art collectors’ preferences and shares her insights on the way finance impacts an artist.

Her voice is the one of the artist, faithful to painting, expressing herself mainly on canvas. The theme of her latest works embraces the role paintings play in art galleries in comparison to the art of the modern media.

Anka Mierzejewska’s latest paintings represent headphones. By her design, the works should be hanging in a row, one next to the other and at the same height. No single painting is autonomous; the meaning can only be derived from the appropriate configuration of the entire cycle. As a result, Anka’s project is not merely painting, it is also an installation.

The resemblance of the exhibition in Unit 24 Gallery to the layout of video art presentations is intentional. Evoking white cube in the space arrangement, which seems to be a silent frame to the images on the screens and the sound in the headphones, is vital to the interpretation of the presented art. The viewer might wonder whether the clean and spacious interior in which the whiteness of the walls is broken by the dark outlines of symmetrically placed LCD screens can remain semantically indifferent. Is the likeness of the gallery’s space arrangement to the bright and clean interiors from interior design magazines meaningful? If this association has a positive influence on the gallery’s image, then the video art exhibited becomes part of a semantic game which modifies its intended meaning. Is this why galleries prefer the new media?

XY Anka Mierzejewska, born in Poland, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw and at the College of St. Catherine, MN.

Music by Capelle

Fresh off the plane from a rawcus tour of Italy, Alt rock electro outfit Capelle are stripping things down to bring there semi acoustic offering to a night of artistic brilliance.

Bringing a powerful concoction of catchy riffs, blistering vocals and intricate grooves, you can expect this night to be a memorable soundtrack to an exciting visual feast.