Karol Wysmyk: A Chronic Condition

Posted on April 7, 2014 by unit24

29 May 2014 – 12 June 2014
Private View: Thursday, 29 May 2014, 7-9pm
with music by Filip Nathanel
exhibition design by Justyna Wierzchowiecka

Unit24 Gallery is pleased to announce A Chronic Condition, Karol Wysmyk’s first solo show in London.

The photographs concern issues of urban life, everyday existence and memory protection in a perspective of inevitable changes and constant disappearance. A chronic condition works as a metaphor of a permanent passion for documenting. Being a medical-like condition, the situation leads to a chronic state of a devation from an ordinary, urban participation.

Reflections of light play a vital role in Karol Wysmyk’s work. Contrasts and geometric breaks can be seen not only in the way the author uses the light but also in the motifs as well as fragments of the compositions of depicted environments. Karol Wysmyk does not stay attached to a particular way of presentation but focuses attention on universal quality of photography as a coherent medium which functions beyond time-sharing, space, or convention.

The photographs of architecture are a key element bonding individual histories. The architecture introduces a geometric fragmentation of the urban fabric, whose irregularity the artist used to arrange the exhibition. Leaving behind a traditional composition outline, Wysmyk takes advantage of a wide variety of formats and exhibition techniques which allow the visitors to create their own connections between the objects, thanks to what his work gains various interpretations.

Karol Wysmyk is a young photographer from Poland interested in street and social photography. Recently his works could be seen at C/O Berlin, Głośna, ABC Gallery, Cargo Gallery in Poznan, Poland. On a daily basis Karol Wysmyk is a freelance photographer and photojournalist covering main cultural events. His works have been published in several magazines, both online and paper, including Bold Magazine, ELLE, Glamour, FilmDienst, Gazeta Wyborcza, Wysokie Obcasy, among others.

The exhibition is supported by culture.pl