PINTA MIAMI: Knights & Dolls

Posted on November 24, 2020 by unit24

PINTA MIAMI LIVE, December 2-15, 2020

Unit24 Gallery is delighted to participate in PINTA MIAMI. In its 14th edition, the Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art Show continues to present projects with international curators showcasing Latin American art with a global perspective in a unique platform.

The 2020 edition of PINTA MIAMI LIVE launches on December 2nd through December 15, 2020 with around 100 galleries from Latin America, the United States and Europe, presenting artworks from over 300 artists. The digital platform allows access to free curatorial content that aims to continue stimulating interest in artistic production and expand its reach to new audiences.

Unit24 Gallery presents a personal selection, made by Silvina Pini and Kasia Morawska, of artworks by women and about women. The focus on women as creators and as a theme is relevant to our times as women around the world have finally made themselves heard. Unit24 Gallery’s presentation at PINTA MIAMI features paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media objects by esteemed artists. The show brings together paintings centred around fashion and clothing – fundamental themes with powerful sensual attractiveness of their baroque quality, doll sculptures – seductive and unsettling unique muñecas evoking pre-Columbian and Japanese manga aesthetics, and a range of contemporary works that use classical language to portray tropical women engaged in daily and personal (and sometimes secretive) rituals.

For the 2020 edition of PINTA MIAMI, Unit24 Gallery presents works by: Carolina Antoniadis, Mariana Monteagudo, Abel Barroso, Elena Blasco, Eduardo Hoffmann, Iwo Zaniewski, Magda Frank, and José Bedia.