State of Origin

Posted on October 8, 2014 by unit24

Private View: 13 November 2014, 7-9pm
13 November – 9 December 2014
curated by Gosia Fricze and Marco Sebastiano Alessi

State of Origin brings together works of 11 artists of different roots and backgrounds. Focusing on individual experience of wayfaring, it introduces fragments of the stories of those who left their primary origin and find themselves at some stage of rediscovering sense of existence in the new reality. Authors derive inspirations from everyday experience of contemporary nomad / migrant. Exhibition includes photography, paintings, drawings and graphics.

Following Rousseau’s definition of a state of nature curators adapt the same words in order to define concept of  ‘home’ as;  ‘A state that no longer exists, which perhaps had never existed, which probably will never exist, and of which it is nonetheless necessary to have the right concept’.

The works collectively bring up issues related to cultural heritage, origins, family, nationality, memories, limits and horizons. Each set of works is a representation of individual relation to their antecedents and surrounding reality. The exhibition considers the relationship between the legacy of our past and impact of the exploration of the forthcoming.  State of Origin aims is to introduce various interpretation of the idea in one entirety of human experience. It doesn’t define home as the oneness, however it makes an attempt to embrace various perceptions towards the concept.