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PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday,  April 18, 6:30-9pm

Unit24 Gallery is pleased to announce a group show ‘Bridges’. The exhibition is a collaboration of seven female artists coming together to create a culturally dynamic and international curation. They each approach similar issues in their own individual methods and languages. Emerging from places such as Spain, Iran, Korea, Lebanon, America, Libya and France – these seven artists have been eager to explore each others backgrounds and practices in order to intertwine their work in a shared space, for a short time. Being from the same generation, yet experiencing the world in different places, they share similar external influences and tackle contemporary issues in relation to the evolution of our world, politically or socially, along with its current status and questions of identity.

There is something inherently beautiful about bridges. It’s the word we use when talking about making connections or working toward reconciliation. Building bridges is the antithesis of building walls. Walls tend to separate us from one another, while bridges are designed to provide access between people and places.

Our world needs more bridges — the kind of bridges that can connect us to those who are different than us. Travel is a bridge-builder that connects people who are separated by geographical and cultural distances. Because travel is a luxury and life gets in the way of making destinations, this exhibition will take you on a journey around the globe.

The “Bridge” exhibition is more than an art show. It is a utopian experience of what these seven women fantasize about what the world should be like. Perhaps for a short period of time, viewers will experience the fusion of nations and the magical beauty of what happens when people connect.

Whether this collaboration is a naïve, utopian look on life, and how our world should behave, or perhaps a reached agreement of how we can temporarily bring pieces of the world to co-existing as one, the “Bridges” we build create communication, innovation, hope, love and understanding.

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