Takayuki Hara: The Imaginative Lines

Posted on April 8, 2013 by unit24

Unit24 Gallery is proud to present Takayuki Hara’s each/one.com online show ‘The Imaginative Lines’ which will last from April, 9th till May 21st, 2013.

In his latest exhibition ‘The Imaginative Lines’ Takayuki Hara goes far beyond our routine perception of the surrounding environment. The artist presents us with an unusual approach towards society and challenges our imagination with painstakingly executed and duplicated images where shapes come coincidentally and without restrictions. Although his drawings are generally black and white, this time the artist also tries to introduce colour and digital input. Takayuki attempts to express the thoughts and feelings as they pass through his mind, without a usual structure but with enormous enjoyment of freedom. Instead of planning things he goes with the flow which results in fantastical and abstract imagery.

Takayuki Hara’s Japanese origin as well as his love for modern philosophy play a vital role in his art. A viewer is encouraged to discover and develop the concept of constantly changing identities and together with the artist endeavour to seek a new existence. This exploration is possible as Takayuki’s work allows us not to be restricted by the idea of an identity what we believe it should be. As the lines spread out and reach to the indefinite, the artist aims to deliver the abstract idea of imagining the unimaginable, seeing the unseen.

In his works, he travels through macro and micro world of nature, with a strong reference to myths and fairy tales, in which he believes that the nature defines and embraces the differences, rather than treating them unequally. Takayuki Hara does not draw a decisive and unequivocal line that could undeniably separate our world from any other possible alternative. However, he believes that the idea of getting back to nature is close both to him as well as viewers and human beings can engage in an energy dialogue with the forces of nature.

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