Posted on July 3, 2012 by unit24

Interested in graphic design, photography and book art, Tiziana Lardieri will present in the frames of 24 Design a handcrafted book investigating our visual perception of colours in relation to London’s urban spaces.

Tiziana is a graphic designer living and working in London who has a particular interest in everything to do with book design, layout, typography, paper and colours. As an artist she is always willing to learn and experience and explore other disciplines within the graphic design field. Tiziana is very passionate about design and is always fascinated by how it can be related in so many ways to a large variety of fields and disciplines. Photography is also one of Her greatest passions and it provides Tiziana with the freedom to express reflectively what is around her.

London in Colours – handcrafted book

London in Colours is a personal project produced exclusively for 24Design and is based on Tiziana’s perception of colour in association with London’s urban spaces. Her aim is to document London by exploring its different characteristics, using colors as the main language with which to represent them.


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